When and where can I wear peniXtend?

You can basically carry the peniXtend anywhere. At home, at your place of work (unless it interferes with the performance of your duties), when hiking, when playing sports (except for swimming), when shopping. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Rule of thumb: wherever you feel comfortable with it! However, you should not wear the peniXtend overnight when you sleep.

How often should I wear the peniXtend to achieve the desired success?

Feel free to wear the peniXtend every day, even several times. Please do not exceed twelve hours at a time. Later, when you realize that no further growth is to be expected, it is enough to wear the device less often to maintain the enlargement of your penis.

What success can be expected?

The specialist magazine BJU International determined in March 2015 that the average flaccid penis is 9.16 centimeters long and 13.24 centimeters when stretched. According to studies, the average penis when erect reaches a length of 13.12 centimeters. In the flaccid state, the size also varies depending on whether the penis is flesh or blood.

A penis that only slightly increases in size when erect is colloquially called a flesh penis. The blood penis behaves in contrast, which can be more than twice as large when aroused as when it is flaccid.

Field reports show that men can achieve growth of up to 10 percent. The decisive factors for success are the wearing time and the setting of the right individual traction.

Are there instructions for using peniXtend?

Yes, each shipment comes with detailed instructions for use, which are also clearly illustrated with pictures. You will also find helpful videos on our website that demonstrate how to put on the peniXtend.

What precautions should I take?

The use of the peniXtend is at your own risk, but is harmless when used according to the instructions. However, especially in the first few weeks of use, the penis should not be pulled too hard.

What side effects are still possible?

In the event that swelling and/or pain in the penis (and in particular the glans) occurs, it is important to reduce the tension on the tension belt.

In such a case, it is advisable to pause wearing the peniXtend until the swelling or pain has subsided. The tensile strength should then be set slightly lower. This does not jeopardize the success of the application: the decisive factor is the continuity of the stretch, not just the strength of the tension setting.

When should I definitely not put on the peniXtend?

You should not create it:

– after consuming alcohol
– after consuming drugs or painkillers
– after taking sleeping pills and tranquilizers

The reason for this is that your natural and personal sensitivity to pain may be impaired and you may not be able to react promptly and appropriately to prevent damage. Also avoid using peniXtend in case of infections or open wounds on the penis.

Can you tell from the outside that I’m wearing the peniXtend?

No, no matter what type of underwear you wear, the peniXtend nestles so tightly against your body after it has been put on that it fits into any pair of underwear and is not bulky. So you don’t have to worry that someone will catch you wearing it or even ask you about it.

How is discrete delivery implemented?

It goes without saying that it is important to us to deliver to you as discreetly as possible. That is why we use neutral packaging material. Neither overprints with advertising nor information on the content will be found on it. Booking notes will also not contain any references to peniXtend.

What is the best way to clean the peniXtend?

One of the big advantages over other systems is the easy way to clean it. After use, simply rinse the peniXtend with warm soapy water and then let it air dry. It’s ready for use again!

Who can I contact if there are any problems?

In this case, contact our expert hotline at hotline@penixtend.com. There you will get answers to all your questions!

How can I measure my success?

Hold the non-erect penis at a 90 degree angle away from your body. Place a meter stick, viewed from above, on the side of the penis and press it against the pubic bone. First read the initial value of your penis length and then at regular intervals the respective increase in length. Record your results along with the date of measurement. With continued use, you will see rapid progress.

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