Great myths have grown around man’s best piece for ages and still exert considerable pressure on the pride of masculinity to this day. They say: If you want to join the opposite sex and lead a full and satisfying sex life, your penis should not only be a magnificent specimen, it should also be potent, vital and enduring. Many men suffer enormously from this pressure and often try to meet these high demands by taking the well-known “blue pill” or, as a last resort, surgery.

Training goes beyond surgery.

Why not use a much gentler, simpler and cheaper method? –

Train your penis! Just as you train the rest of your body in the gym, in a club or at home as a matter of course, the male member can also be brought into shape through targeted training.

The secret lies in the depths.

How it works? – Well, the inner workings of your penis are crucial: erectile tissue, muscles, tissues and nerves. The best way to train this is through the pull effect. You may already know this; maybe you have already used the method (if only unconsciously): grasp the flaccid penis with your whole hand and pull it out. Then stroke with your hand slowly and firmly up to the glans. Now pull the scrotum down briefly – and the connective tissue of the penis has already built up and expanded significantly.

The penis increases in size. However, the effect only lasts for a few minutes. Regular and persistent massaging, on the other hand, can in fact allow the member to gain in circumference and length in the long term. Tradition has it that Indian and Arab men were able to lengthen their penis by several centimeters after just a few weeks. What is often not mentioned, however, is that you have to pull on the limb for eight to twelve hours a day – which is why many nowadays simply fail at it.

peniXtend – so that your penis grows beyond itself.

And this is exactly what makes peniXtend so special, because peniXtend guarantees for the first time a simple, discreet, long-term stretching treatment that is free of side effects to enlarge the male penis. With peniXtend you can build up body tissue through sustained stretching and stimulate the formation of new cells, so that the member is enlarged in its entirety and not just stretching of the surrounding skin areas.

In this way, you can regain or even increase your male strength and stamina with completely uncomplicated, daily use without any effort.


Brass necks and cup lips:

There have always been myths and customs about stretching individual parts of the body. The methods of those peoples who perform these rituals sometimes seem a little rude or at least take some getting used to in our western society, but they work, as the following two examples show.

The “giraffe women” of the Padaung people:

In Southeast Asia, near the border of Thailand and Burma, there lives a people who cultivate their cult of snakes and dragons in an unusual way: they put metal rings on their women’s necks. In order to visually express the descent to these spirits, the necks of women with gold rings are gradually stretched so that they visually come very close to the length of the “necks” of snakes and dragons.

The families whose wives wear the largest number of brass rings around their necks are considered to be particularly recognized and respected and enjoy an excellent reputation. The technique used is simple: the collarbones are pushed down by the heavy rings and the neck muscles are stretched. Another ring is added every year. A principle that is as simple as it is effective.

Of course, the economic effect was not lacking either, because the women of the Padaung soon became a tourist attraction and attracted many curious visitors. Regular “show villages” developed in which the “giraffe women” acted as show objects and popular photo motifs and promoted ethnotourism.

The Mursi’s plate lips:

The situation is similar in south-west Ethiopia, where Mursi and Surma women allow tourists to have their photographs taken for a fee. What is special about them are their so-called “plate lips”, discs fired from clay, which young women place in their lip ridges at the end of adolescence. Here, too, the discs are gradually being replaced by larger and larger ones in order to stretch the tissue accordingly.

In this way, not only the ideal of beauty should be met, but also the reputation and the “bride price” of the woman should be increased. In addition to the lips, this particular form of body adornment can sometimes also be admired in the women’s earlobes, whose fabric can be stretched in the same way.

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