The peniXtend can be used for “cosmetic & potency-related” purposes, i.e. if you are dissatisfied with the size or length of the penis or if you are dissatisfied with endurance. It can also be used to support some medical occasions and have an effect. Its use is recommended – without guarantee – for example in:

Retraction penis

Due to the accumulation of fatty tissue, obese people (i.e. people who are significantly overweight) can cause the penis to retract far, its shaft even “disappearing” into the lower abdomen, which can cause numerous problems for the person concerned, such as the loss of the ability to have sexual intercourse or strong psychological symptoms and feelings of inferiority. Before you think of an operative solution, you should always discuss the possibility of weight reduction or start a treatment attempt with an extender like peniXtend.

Small penis

Even if women in smaller surveys or experts in guidebooks repeatedly emphasize that the length of the penis is not important, but rather that the technique is decisive, the reality is often very different. Here there is a clear majority with the opinion that the size of the penis is a very important criterion for satisfying sex and also plays a major role in a man’s healthy self-confidence. In order to be more attractive, more stimulating and more fulfilling for your partner, it may be worth trying to systematically enlarge a penis that is too small with the help of the peniXtend. Bigger and longer often just looks more elegant, better proportioned and more appealing.

Genetic or acquired penile deviation (penile curvature)

In addition to the size, many men are also unsure about the shape of their own member. One thing is clear: Hardly any penis when erect is exactly straight, a slight curvature in one direction or the other is completely normal and does not affect its function in the slightest. Caused by erectile tissue of different lengths, however, a visible and, last but not least, painful buckling of the member can occur, which makes coitus more difficult and generally impairs sex life. A particularly severe form of curvature (sometimes up to 90 degrees) is the so-called induratio penis plastica (IPP), a hardening of the penis due to inflammation between the tunica and the erectile tissue. Here, too, the permanent use of a penis extender such as the peniXtend can be a solution to other therapies such as e.g

Circulatory erectile dysfunction and/or impotence

Erection problems are known to be a widespread and widespread phenomenon. Definitely one no man likes to talk about. A penis stretcher like peniXtend can help men with erectile dysfunction to achieve a better erection and experience normal sexual intercourse. The use of such a system is not only recommended for men whose erectile dysfunction is based on psychological causes, but also for those who who suffer from organic damage (e.g. due to diabetes, vascular diseases or surgical interventions).

Training of sexual function, eg after prostate surgery

Unfortunately, cancer-related operations usually also affect healthy tissue. This means that there are usually undesirable side effects or long-term consequences in the treatment of prostate carcinoma. Sexual dysfunctions are particularly stressful, often caused by nerve fibers being injured during the procedure. There is also a risk of impotence or erectile dysfunction with radiation therapy. In addition to drugs such as the well-known PDE-5 inhibitors (Sildenafil and others), mechanical procedures such as training with the peniXtend are also possible in the event of such stressful therapy-related consequences , with which some good improvements in erectile function can be achieved.

Complementary therapy for paraplegia

Can a paraplegic man get an erection? – Yes, it can, depending on where exactly the paralysis is located. In order to increase the quality of the erection, technical aids such as a vacuum pump or penis extenders such as the peniXtend are often used. Ongoing exercise can sometimes help such patients create a satisfying sex life for themselves and their partners.
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