Penixtend Variant 1
Penixtend Variant 1

Penixtend Variant 1


The PeniXtend can be used for purely “cosmetic” purposes, i.e. if you are dissatisfied with the size or length of the member. It can also be used to support some medical occasions and have an effect.



Training goes beyond operating

Why not use a much gentler, simpler and cheaper method? – Train your penis! Just as you train the rest of your body in the gym, in a club or at home as a matter of course, the male member can also be brought into shape through targeted training.

The secret lies in the depths

How it works? – Well, the inner workings of your penis are crucial: erectile tissue, muscles, tissues and nerves. The best way to train this is through the pull effect. You may already know this; maybe you have already used the method (if only unconsciously): grasp the flaccid penis with your whole hand and pull it out. Then stroke slowly and firmly with your hand up to the glans. Now pull the scrotum down briefly – and the connective tissue of the penis has already built up and expanded significantly.

The penis increases in size. However, the effect only lasts for a few minutes. Regular and persistent massaging, on the other hand, can in fact allow the penis to gain in size and length in the long term. Tradition has it that Indian and Arab men were able to lengthen their penis by several centimeters after just a few weeks. What is often not mentioned, however, is that you have to pull the limb for eight to twelve hours a day – which is why many people today simply fail.

PeniXtend – so that your penis grows beyond itself.

And this is exactly what makes peniXtend so special, because peniXtend guarantees for the first time a simple, discreet, long-term stretching treatment that is free of side effects to enlarge the male penis. With peniXtend you can build up body tissue through sustained stretching and stimulate the formation of new cells, so that the member is enlarged in its entirety and not just stretching of the surrounding skin areas.

In this way, you can regain or even increase your male strength and stamina with completely uncomplicated, daily use without any effort.

Contents of the pack:

  • 1 x pull strap
  • 3 x extender (braided condom with connecting element) in different sizes (S/M/L)
  • Funnel-shaped opening
  • Fastener, outer braided condom
  • Connecting element on the inner braided condom
  • thrust ring


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